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At the 2nd Annual New York Wine Country Professional Fencing Championship held on Sunday July 11th, 1999 at the Fingerlakes Wine Festival in Watkins Glen, New York, Maitre d'Armes Adam Adrian Crown of Ithaca, New York, successfully defended his title against challenger Maestro di Scherma John Sullins of Binghamton, New York. At the conclusion of the five round match Mr. Crown had received only 15 touches while delivering 29 against his worthy adversary.

Maestro Sullins scored well with several disengage-counter-ripostes, but he consistently fell prey to Maitre Crown's attacks by beat-disengage and Maitre Crown's perfectly-timed counter-attacks confounded Maestro Sullins' compound attacks.

After the final touch had been given, the two gentlemen, who are warm friends and colleagues when off the strip, shared a handshake and Maitre Crown's prize bottle of Glenora Champagne.

Mr. Crown teaches fencing at Courtside Racquet Club, the Ithaca Youth Bureau and in his private studio. He also gives demonstrations of classical fencing and historical swordplay.

In addition to the main event, the estimated four hundred spectators, were treated to excellent presentation of fencing technique by Christel Trutman, age 11, a student of Maitre Crown, and a demonstration of a fencing lesson by Maestro Sullins and Elliot Harvey, age 6.

In the preliminary bouts, Mr. Mark Roth defeated Ms. Michelle Sawyer 10-6; Mr. Matthew Hayes defeated Mr. Kevin Doherty 7-3 and Mr. Richard Hoopes defeated Mr. Steve Wilson 10-3.

The event was sponsored by Watkins Glen International in conjunction with In Ferro Veritas, an Ithaca-based fencing organization.

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