"Classical Fencing:
The Martial Art
Incurable Romantics".

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Table of Contents
 Why Study Classical Fencing?
 Art Or Sport?
 IFV Classical Fencing Method

 Maître d'Armes
 Prevost d'Armes

 List Of Articles

 Salle d'Armes du Lion
 Book Orders and Information


 Master Schedule




  Crown's Law and Other Caveats
  What is This Thing Called Fencing?
  Why Study Classical Fencing?
  Art or Sport?
  When the Play's the Thing

In Ferro Veritas

  Training Method
  Classes and Individual Lessons
  Portrait of a Training Session
  Cri du Fer
  Fencing Contests
  Setting Up Your Own Salle d'Armes
  Principles of Practice
  Warming Up
  Fencing Notation
  Etude #1

The Noble Science

  A Brief History of Fencing, but first...
  The Noble Science
  A Gallant and Gracious Manner
  A Sword By Any Other Name
  Some Essential Principles
  What If They Were Sharp?

Notes From the Swordmaster's Grimoire

  Combat Theory
  Technique, Tactics and Strategy
  BLOOD: The Four Foundations of Technique
  Classification of Technique
  The 5 Tactical Principles
  The 9 Dispositions of the Opponent
  The 4 Strategies
  The 4 C's of C-C-C-Combat
  The Superior Will
  Size, Strength and Speed
  Drop the Glove
  The Liar's Dance
  Posturing, Preparations and Puppies
  The Secret of Champions
  The Point and the Pendulum

Appendices and Glossary

  Grim Rrealities
  Who Benefits?
  The Top Ten Swashbuckling Films
  The Prince of Swashbucklers
  The Adventures of La Maupin
  The Dog Who Fought a Duel
  Recommended Reading and Viewing
  Quotation Authors


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