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December 1st, 2005 Class
Learning the Inquartata

The inquartata is a very sophisticated action requiring impeccable timing as well as perfect technical execution.

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Click on an image to see a larger version.

Fencer on the right executes a faulty "attack."
Fencer on the left correctly responds by placing her point in line and makes an inquartata.

Same action, another view.
Note well the bent arm of the fencer receiving the touch.
This is what makes his action a preparation instead of an attack.

Fencer on the right's being uncentered,
leaning in the wrong direction, weight on his front foot
confounds his attempt.

Fencer receiving the touch (behind his arm)
is moving only his foot instead of displacing the body.

Inadequate displacement of the body.
Incorrect placement of the rear foot and hand.

Teaching correct foot placement,
balance and displacement of the body.
Rear hand position still incorrect.

Correctly executed attack from the fencer on the right.
Fencer on the left executes a direct counterattack on an inquartata.
Note that her right foot, the hub of the wheel is stationary
while the left foot, the rim of the wheel, moves.

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