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Username Title Registered
Adam Adrian Crown Maître d'Armes 2006-04-04
Akilles Member 2006-06-06
cfaustus Member 2006-04-20
csdobbs Member 2006-04-15
DoggerelPundit Member 2007-07-19
Felix Windfall Member 2006-05-22
Flanconade Member 2006-05-30
FozzyBond Member 2006-04-03
franklurz Maestro di Scherma 2006-04-06
Gio Rapisardi Magistro Re - Istruttore Nazionale ANS 2006-04-05
Hentzau Member 2007-08-13
Jeremy Tavan Member 2006-09-26
j_sullins Military Master at Arms 2006-04-05
kdziubek Member 2006-05-11
KevinMurakoshi Member 2007-07-28
LimerickArms Member 2006-09-20
Linda Wyatt Prevost d'Armes 2006-03-26
Matthew Vercant Member 2006-05-11
MMoore Member 2006-04-13
Quillo Member 2006-04-13
Rez Member 2006-04-06
RHogg Member 2006-04-03
rushonboys Member 2006-05-04
schlager7 Member 2006-07-20
Sean Hayes Maestro d'armi 2006-04-05
Simon Wyatt Forum Administrator 2006-03-05
sms Member 2006-04-16
The Rose Knight Member 2006-10-12
Tom Rockwell Member 2007-12-23
wleckie Member 2006-06-24

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