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Frazier Arms Museum

To All it May Concern:

    I just recently visited the Frazier Museum of Historical Arms, in Louisville, KY.  If you are ever near Louisville, it's worth going to see!  They have a really good collection from the Royal Armoury in England as well. 
    I had an excellent talk with a fellow by the name of Barret Cooper, and he along with other folks at the musuem are engaged in "historical interpretation" of civilian and military sword combat.  These guys are right up our alley.  They are doing live shows and answering questions about periods in history, certain fencing masters and other related topics.  However, I'm not sure what level of "real" training is involved.  Barret told me of a few people he's studied with, manuals from masters consulted, but also aknowledged practical experience as a major player.  Does anyone know of other places like this, that include real demos of "combat?"  And, is there a possibility of more people like this making connections with the Salle, so we can enhance and supply an active and living knowledge base to add to our own?  Thanks!


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