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#1 2006-06-04 05:45:19

Adam Adrian Crown
Maître d'Armes
From: Ithaca, New York
Registered: 2006-04-04

Prevost Promotion

Some of you have no doubt already noticed the change in Ms. Wyatt's title, but I would like to make the "official" announcement that I have, with great pleasure, awarded her the rank of Prevost.
If circumstances allowed it, I would have loved to assemble a review board for her to present herself, because I'm very proud of her.
She is a brilliant assistant. She teaches most of my intro level classes and some of the intermediate ones as well. Her individual lessons in foil, sabre and epee have begun to acquire a sureness and fluidity that suggests significant incorporation and understanding.
Her dedication has been exemplary -- particularly taking into account that she is a single mom to three kids -- even though all of them fence, too. It is no exaggeration that her energy is a large part of what keeps us going.
I recently published here thequestions I gave her for her written exam. She is currently polishing that into shape for public consumption and when it's finished, I'll post that on the site, too.
Of the dozen or so persons who proclaimed their intentions to be my "apprentice" Ms. Wyatt is the sole survivor; she alone has kept her committment to do what she set out to do. I expect it will not be too long before I MUST find a way to assemble a board to review her for the title of "master."
Meanwhile, I hope you will accept her, on my humble ipse dixit, as a sincere colleague, a skillfull and dedicated teacher. It is a priviledge to have her in my "house"

Adam Adrian Crown, M.d'A.



#2 2006-06-07 16:05:04

Registered: 2006-04-03

Re: Prevost Promotion

Congratulations, Linda!  Here's to a lot of work paying off!





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