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#1 2006-06-12 16:19:30

Linda Wyatt
Prevost d'Armes
From: Danby NY
Registered: 2006-03-26

People who live far away

We fairly often get e-mails or phone calls from people who say they want
to study classical fencing, but who do not live here.  They ask us if we
know of anyone close to them, and if not, what they should do.

I'd like to know if this happens to others of you- I assume that it must- and
if so, what advice you give these people.





#2 2006-06-12 18:27:54

From: Saint Louis
Registered: 2006-06-06

Re: People who live far away

Hi, Linda.

Yes, I get these emails every week - if not every day.  Just got one today as a matter of fact from a recent MIT graduate (although he is a little different because it appears as though he may be relocating to St Louis).

I used to respond immediately to each email.  If I knew of a place close enough to recommend  would.  If not I would advice the usual suspects of online resources and suggest that they contact master's and look into workshops.

The underlying idea I try to maintain in each of these replies is to encourage their interest rather than say - sorry bud, yer out of luck.  With no traditional fencing master here in the Midwest we address our needs by consistant, strict training and by holding master's workshops.  So if they can get some hands on experience to justify traveling I think that course of action can work for many people.

I have had people travel here from as far away as Kentucky to train before.  Also, I once had a student who was making a 5 hour commute for lessons (our last workshop was with Maestro Hayes and for that our friend Tom flew in from Seattle).

Kim Moser has done an admirable job trying to maintain a record of traditional schools and fencers across the country at his CF Resource page.

Do you ever offer anything along the lines of specific excercises/drills/prepatory actions?  I have spent the last year trying to come up with criteria for assessing fencing groups with no contact with fencing masters.  I think it is just as important to help people make informed/critical assessments about their local options.


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