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#1 2006-06-24 13:34:09

From: Soest, Germany
Registered: 2006-06-24

Greetings and clarification

First, my gratitude to Maitre Crown for his forum, and Gruesse from an outpost east of the Rhine, which is not entirely a joke, since we're pretty much alone and not far away a very dumb Roman lost three legions, Augustus took to his bed and pretty much that was all she wrote for two millenia.

Klassisches Fechten Soest is now all of 10 months old; I'm in the enviable--well, perhaps not--position of being able to devote full time to fencing and keeping to a minimum chances of making a fool of myself leading a very enthusiastic group of beginners. 

I must, though, finish this brief greeting with a disclaimer:  There is a username in this forum which is also an AOL scfreen name of mine, alas the one I use for CFML.  He ain't me!  'Saw a posting 'been feeling like that famous shot of Peter Lorre in M ever since.

Bill Leckie

Klassisches Fechten Soest



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