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#1 2006-03-27 22:30:53

Linda Wyatt
Prevost d'Armes
From: Danby NY
Registered: 2006-03-26

Welcome to the forum

Welcome to the forum.  So that we all understand
each other, here is some information on what this forum is, what it's
for, what we expect from you and what you can expect from us.

First and foremost, this is a private forum to which we invite
interested and qualified guests. It's an online place for our own
students to communicate with us and with each other and a way we can
communicate with colleagues, share helpful problem-solving strategies,

It's a place to discuss classical fencing as we define and practice
it.  We have the good fortune to be under the direction of a bona fide
fencing master who has more than 25 years teaching experience, and one
of the very first (1980) to break from USFA-type fencing when it began
to depart significantly from the traditional fencing logic. He has
studied a variety of other martial arts as well. On matters of
fencing fact, we consider him the authority and he has the final word
on such matters.

We welcome questions about what we do, how we do it, and why we do it that way.

We will not post debates about it or any other fencing advice,
instruction, correction, or commentary unless the fencing master
specifically asks for it.

As the forum grows, we'll add sections as needed to cover the topics
that arise.  We'll create archives of the most commonly asked
questions so we don't have to go over the same thing again and again
and again.

We hope this grows into something useful and interesting, with real
conversations and information.  Let us know who you are, where you
are, what you are studying and with whom, and/or what you teach and
what teaching credentials you have.  The very best conversations
happen when all of the participants have a basic understanding of who
they are talking to.

All standard netiquette applies here.  To avoid going on at length,
we'll summarize.

  1. Be polite.
  2. Use informative subject lines.
  3. Avoid "me too" posts.
  4. Do not use all caps.
  5. Quote only the information to which you are responding.
  6. Avoid ad hominem attacks.
  7. Avoid "cutesy" internet-popular abbreviations such as using
    numbers as part of words.
  8. Do not post forwarded posts or e-mails, no matter how funny you
    think it is or how sure you are that people might want to see it.
    They already have.
  9. Warnings about viruses or anything else do not belong here.  Most
    are scams anyway.
  10. Flamers will be banned, at our sole discretion.  So will trolls.
  11. Read the forum for a while before you post, in order to get the
    "feel" of the place.



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