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Patri Pugliese

I got this by way of the Classical Fencing Mailing List and have posted it to my own forum. I figure most on this site will have already heard, but just in case, here is what went out.

John Trojanowski

Dear All,

It is with sadness that we report the death of Mr. Patri Pugliese.

Mr. Pugliese passed from this life on the afternoon of Sunday February 11, 2007. For those of you who did not know Mr. Pugliese was the first person to make photo-copies of historical fencing texts available to the public. He did this as a service to those who are interested in classical and historical fencing. He was never motivated by profit or personal recognition but by his love for fencing and history which was instilled in him by his late mother and  teacher Ms. Julia Jones who was the fencing coach at Hunter College for many years and student of the great fencing master Maestro Julio Martinez Castello.

The importance and significance of Mr. Pugliese's contribution to the resurgence in the interest in classical and historical fencing cannot be emphasized enough. It was due to his generosity and efforts that many of those who are involved today in the study of the historical fencing treatises got their start. He was also one of the first pioneers in the serious and systematic study and reconstructions of the methods that the great masters of the past left in their written works.

Mr. Pugliese will be sorely missed by all those who knew him as well as those who did not know him personally. He was one of the first who breeched the wall of fencing mythology and opened the gate for access to the truth.

Patri, we offer a Grand Salute to you and like the legendary swordsman and poet Cyrano De Bergerac, we pray; "...that when you enter before God, may your salute sweep all the stars from the blue threshold..."

Ramon & Jeannette Martinez

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Sabre is theatre.
Foil is art.
Epee is truth.
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