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#1 2007-05-29 12:39:48

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negrini foils

On their website, Negrini now claims to be selling non-electric Italian foil blades for a little less than 30 euros.

Has anybody tried one of these yet?  Opinions?




#2 2007-05-30 17:12:07

Registered: 2006-04-03

Re: negrini foils

Looks like I jumped the gun -- it seems Negrini is just selling off the last of its France lames stock (and, from what I hear, they may have sold it all off by now)

I corresponded with the guy at American Fencer's Supply and he says Negrini was trying to convince one of the big forges to do standard italian foil blades again, with not much success. 

He also said that if Negrini DID succeed, AFS would be sure to carry the blades in their stock.

I wonder if a letter-writing campaign to one of these forges would be worthwhile?




#3 2007-05-31 12:32:45

Linda Wyatt
Prevost d'Armes
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Re: negrini foils

I went to the Negrini website and got the following information:

3910I   Italian Foil Blade   quantity 2  Size: 90/88 ??  . 28,80  . 57,60

Total Order 
    . 57,60

PLEASE NOTE: Italian non-el . Foil blades are available with TRUE RICASSO and FALSE POINT cm 88 length only.
Other lengths with FALSE RICASSO.

Estimated Package & Delivery to USA (within 2-3 working days) by air courier FedEx
estimated costs:            EUR  30,00=

TOTAL COSTS:       EUR 87,60 =  at today's exchange = $117.83


There is a minimum International order of 50 Euros so you can't order only one blade.

Kind of pricy.

Anyone know what they mean by "false point"?  Since they are talking about non-electric blades, what would that mean?  Unless what they are actually talking about is simply a non-wired electric blade, which IS what is in one of the pictures on the website.




#4 2007-06-05 11:31:30

From: Saint Louis
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Re: negrini foils


My experience with those blades is that the false point is the screw-on dummy electric point.  It looks just like the plunger barrel tip that screws onto a wired blade but it is just a flathead barrel.  The nice thing is that the blade is threaded at the tip for fun things like Tom Rockwell's PdAs and tacks, which he can custom make to screw on for you.

Personally, I find all Italian blades in current or recent production extraordinarily pathetic.  I would not spend the money on them.  Occasionally we find older Italian blades on Ebay that we like.  As Alexis may have posted here already, we launched a campaign for blades to our specs from one forge through Negrini and we were basically told (from the larger, powers that be) that we were an insignificant market.


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