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#1 2007-08-24 22:07:26

From: Des Moines area, Iowa
Registered: 2007-08-13

Sabre-Only Jacket


I'm looking for a sabre-only jacket.  Side closing with buttons, flat across the hip line.  NO croupade.  So far I've had no luck getting any of them from the larger commercial suppliers.  I've been told that they don't make any with buttons any more, since button-closing jackets are not allowed in FIE tournaments.  As if I would care! 

Would someone here be kind enough to point me to where I could get one?   I'm much obliged in advance.


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#2 2007-08-25 00:51:24

Linda Wyatt
Prevost d'Armes
From: Danby NY
Registered: 2006-03-26

Re: Sabre-Only Jacket

I made mine. :-)

Couldn't find anywhere that had them.

Occasionally, you'll see one on ebay, if you look long enough.

You might be able to get someone to custom make one for you, but it won't be cheap.

You can also find an older button up jacket on ebay, and modify it. Cut the cuissard off, add padding.  It's not difficult to do.  But then again, I can sew.




#3 2007-08-27 14:45:16

From: Saint Louis
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Re: Sabre-Only Jacket

Slightly funny anecdote regarding this style of jacket:

You may have watched the last Pierce Brosnan James Bond movie in which Madonna plays an unlikely Fencing coach.  There is a flamboyant fencing scene during which Mr Brosnan wears the most desirable jacket I've seen these many years (the design I have in mind - I think even for the movie it was made of that detestable stretch material).  It was a traditional sabre style jacket, front closure with a very tall collar.  I contacted Leon Paul - they provided all the fencing gear for the movie - and made inquiries about that jacket - as it did not appear in their regular catelogue.  After a few confused emails in return I was finally rebuffed and put in my place.  It seems that they interpreted my request for that _specific_ jacket as worn by Mr Brosnan!  Ha Ha - it was silly of me to expect to purchase that prop from the movie!  Unfortunately my follow up emails attempting to clarify my request were unanswered.

Silly me

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