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#1 2008-07-20 12:46:18

From: Dickinson, TX
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When Does the Attack End in Foil?

I know the folks here generally do not follow trends in FIE/USFA fencing so much, but I thought this might actually be of real interest. It started sifting around at nationals this year. It seems that, in the next year, the FIE is considering altering the rules so that the attack in foil ends with the landing of the front foot.

It is generating a lot of chatter in the sport fencing community. I know at least one or two of my earlier instructors would feel vindicated.

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#2 2008-07-28 15:56:23

From: Saint Louis
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Re: When Does the Attack End in Foil?

Well, the more I train and the more I teach the less important foil "competition" is to me in fencing.  the sport community is built on this radicalized differentiation between the weapons, but in the dueling traditions this is just not the case.  The foil as a training tool should be used to train - not fight.  having said that, I do have fun and find stimulating challenges with the foil and the right fencing partner.  But too much time is wasted over low level foil events.  I have been to almost every kind of foil event and the only one that ever makes any sense at all is regular sala training.  I think they would be better served if they stopped foil competitions altogether.

What if I make an arrest from my guard position?  I haven't moved at all.  Am I required to make an appel?

What about other counterattacks wherein the point lands before the foot falls?  Say, a reverse lunge or inquartata?

Oh wait, these things never happen on the copper pistes...

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