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In December 2003, we established our humble salle d'armes in a 20x30 re-modeled garage. Not a huge space, but adequate for the small group classes we prefer. In 2004, we added a 12x16 ante-room. Although, we are "up and running," there is still much to be done:
  • Weather-proofing is top priority. Right now it's hot in summer and cold in winter.
    Our plan is to install a radiant-heat floor and additional insulation. Naturally, our concerns include cost and environmental impact.
  • If possible, we'd like to add a bathroom in order to eliminate the trek to the main house. We're looking into both composting toilets and incinerator models.
  • Finishing and trimming the ante-room is on the list.
  • We'll also be planting some shrubbery as a wind/snow-break along the walkway.
  • Our chivalry program needs mounting horses built. We're looking for someone to donate their welding ability to that cause.
  • We welcome suggestions for improvements. We also welcome donations of talent, labor or money to help make it happen.


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