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Classicalfencing.com welcomes submission of all types of works that deal with Western swordsmanship. Authors need not be members to be eligible for publication.

Fiction, Poetry, and Artwork

We welcome artistic expression of the themes of Western swordsmanship. (The editorial staff is heavily dominated by people who think that "Pirate Movie" should get its own category at the Academy Awards.) These can take the form of fiction, poetry, artwork, or even more exclusively Web-oriented media. Artistic works should display some knowledge of the handling of swords on the part of the author, i.e., write-ups of fantasy roleplaying game sessions are not likely to be considered for publication.

Authors must own all characters that appear in their artistic works, be able to produce legal documentation of permission from the character's owner, or use characters that have passed into the public domain. Thus, for example, a set of sonnets about M. d'Artagnan would be acceptable, but similar works regarding Zorro, a character still under copyright, is not.


The techniques, philosophy, equipment, history, and public perceptions of Western swordsmanship and Classical fencing are all appropriate topics. We are not concerned with fantasy roleplaying games or the inner politics of individual amateur or professional historical organizations, nor are we a general history journal. Furthermore, we are not an organ of any Renaissance fair or group of Renaissance fairs. Articles that concern themselves with matters other than swordsmanship are simply inappropriate for this magazine and will be rejected.

We are a US English-language magazine, and submissions are expected to adhere to standard conventions of modern US English word usage grammar and orthography. Some exception can be made for variations in spelling between US and British-style English.

Articles that purport to present factual evidence are expected to cite their sources.


We only require a single English-language publication right (to permit publication on the website), and authors retain all other rights to their work.

Submission Formats

We can take submissions in both electronic and hard-copy formats. Electronic submissions may be either mailed on disk to the address below or emailed to us at the address below.

Electronic Submissions

The text of electronic submissions must be in plain text or HTML format. Any electronically submitted graphics must be in GIF or JPG/JPEG format. You must either own copyright to or have permission to publish any graphic submitted.

Hardcopy Submissions

Hardcopy submissions must be typed or computer-printed--no hand-written submissions.
Hardcopy submissions must adhere to the following conventions: double-spaced, 1 inch/2.5cm margins, no smaller than 12-point proportional font or 10-point even-space font. The author's name, page number, and a short version of the title are to appear at the top of each page except the first. Any included graphics must be clear and amenable to scanning. You must either own copyright to or have permission to publish any graphic submitted.

Submission Addresses

US Mail:
IFV Suite 135
322 Pine Tree Rd
Ithaca NY 14850

Please put "classicalfencing.com submission" in the subject line


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